All of our website designs start out at $499 for a simple, good looking, and functional website. For that price you can choose from one of the three templates on the left, and we will fill it with your logos that you provide to us, and the text necessary to convey your products, ideas, or services to your virtual visitors. This price does not include hosting or creation of original art.

Don't have a logo? Need a storefront? No problem, the $499 is just a starting point and we can create just exactly what you want or need for your internet presence. We can sit with you and figure exactly what you need, and what your pocketbook can handle. Our desire is to create a clean and original looking site that is effective in marketing your business.

Please select from one of the three sites on the left and it will take you to a blank of that template so that you can see it a little better. Choose the template and the colors and we will go to work personalizing it and making it your own. If you need a hosting and email solution let us know, we have a low cost solution that we feel you will be very happy with. Need a site that is constantly updated? We have monthly maintenance programs that will provide you with a dynamic site that keeps your customers coming back month after month.

At MD Technology Services, our goal is to bring technology know-how to your business that does not cost you an arm and a leg. We try to provide the "best for less" to make you look good. Give us a call today at (909) 924-8310 or email us at Or for more information go here.